Dublin International Film Festiva
13 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel +353 1 661 6216
Fax +353 1 661 4418
Email [email protected]
Festival Team

Chief Executive Rory Concannon
 Joanne Kelly
Nick Costello
Programme and Print Transport Manager
 Anne Rice
Production Manager and Volunteer Manager 
Mick O’Connell
Advertising and Guest Liaison Manager 
Una Spillane
Festival Accounts 
Miriam McLoughlin
Marketing Assistant 
Cyril Bashief
Programme Notes 
Martin Mahon
Catalogue Design IFP Media
Print Transport Company 
Wells Cargo

Board of Directors

Festival Director Michael Dwyer

David McLoughlin

Mary Alleguen
Sue Bruce-Smith
Rory Concannon
Michael Dwyer
Gordon Judge
Arthur Lappin
Niamh McCaul
Martine Moreau
Gaby Smyth